(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μεζονέτα || Αθήνα Νότια/Γλυφάδα - 246 τ.μ, 4 Υ/Δ, 2.210.000€

Maisonette 246 sq.m.

Glyfada > Kato Glyfada

  • 246 sq.m.
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3rd

Glyfada, Kato Glyfada, Maisonette, 246 sq.m., 3rd floor, level: 2, building year: 2012, property status: Amazing, Heating: Autonomous, 4 Bedrooms (4 Master), fireplace(s): 1, 4 bath/s, 1 WC, dours: Al...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μεζονέτα || Αθήνα Νότια/Γλυφάδα - 270 τ.μ, 3 Υ/Δ, 750.000€

Maisonette 270 sq.m.

Glyfada > Aigli

  • 270 sq.m.
  • 3 bedrooms

Glyfada, Aigli, Maisonette, 270 sq.m., level: 4, building year: 2006, property status: Amazing, Heating: Autonomous, 3 Bedrooms (1 Master), fireplace(s): 1, 2 bath/s, 1 WC, 1 Parking. Features: Securi...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Διαμέρισμα || Αθήνα Νότια/Ελληνικό - 126 τ.μ, 3 Υ/Δ, 575.000€

Apartment 126 sq.m.

Elliniko > Kato Elliniko

  • 126 sq.m.
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 4th

Elliniko, Kato Elliniko, Apartment, 126 sq.m., 4th floor, building year: 2009, Heating: Autonomous, 3 Bedrooms , fireplace(s): 1, 1 bath/s, 1 WC, dours: Aluminum, floors: Wooden floors, 1 Parking. Fea...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μονοκατοικία || Αθήνα Νότια/Άλιμος - 360 τ.μ, 5 Υ/Δ, 2.000.000€

Detached house 360 sq.m.


  • 360 sq.m.
  • 5 bedrooms

Alimos, Pani, Detached house, 360 sq.m., level: 3, building year: 2003, property status: Amazing, Heating: Autonomous - Natural Gas, 5 Bedrooms (1 Master), fireplace(s): 1, 3 bath/s, dours: Aluminum, ...


Detached house 70 sq.m.

Arkadi > Amnatos

  • 70 sq.m.
  • 1 bedrooms

Arkadi, Amnatos, Detached house, 70 sq.m., building year: 1996, property status: Amazing, 1 Bedrooms , fireplace(s): 1, 1 bath/s, dours: Wooden. Features: Fireplace, Back yard (Garden), in plot: 200 s...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μονοκατοικία || Αθήνα Νότια/Παλαιό Φάληρο - 300 τ.μ, 730.000€

Detached house 300 sq.m.

Palaio Faliro > Panagitsa

  • 300 sq.m.
  • 0 bedrooms

Palaio Faliro, Panagitsa, Detached house, 300 sq.m., level: 2, building year: 1955, property status: Needs Total Restoration. Features: Bright, in plot: 408 sq.m., Energy Certificate: Under publicatio...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μονοκατοικία || Ν. Εύβοιας/Χαλκίδα - 120 τ.μ, 4 Υ/Δ, 250.000€

Detached house 120 sq.m.


  • 120 sq.m.
  • 4 bedrooms

Chalkida, Detached house, 120 sq.m., level: 2, building year: 1995, property status: Very Good, 4 Bedrooms , fireplace(s): 1, 2 bath/s, 1 WC, dours: Aluminum, floors: Tiles. Features: Storage room, Fi...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μεζονέτα || Αθήνα Νότια/Ελληνικό - 310 τ.μ, 4 Υ/Δ, 2.500.000€

Maisonette 310 sq.m.

Elliniko > Airport Olympic Venues

  • 310 sq.m.
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Ground floor

Elliniko, Airport Olympic Venues, Maisonette, 310 sq.m., Ground floor floor, building year: 2017, property status: Amazing, Heating: Autonomous - Heat Pump, 4 Bedrooms (4 Master), fireplace(s): 1, 4 b...

(Προς Πώληση) Κατοικία Μονοκατοικία || Αθήνα Νότια/Γλυφάδα - 480 τ.μ, 4 Υ/Δ, 2.300.000€

Detached house 480 sq.m.

Glyfada > Kato Glyfada

  • 480 sq.m.
  • 4 bedrooms

Glyfada, Kato Glyfada, Detached house, 480 sq.m., level: 3, building year: 1995, property status: Amazing, Heating: Autonomous, 4 Bedrooms (1 Master), fireplace(s): 3, 2 bath/s, 1 WC, dours: Aluminum,...


Buying a home is purely a personal matter based on the individual needs of each buyer. However, there is a tendency from time to time whereby certain areas are favoured, resulting in the escalation of the prices of properties. During this time, buyers are showing a preference for acquisitions in the southern suburbs (from Paleo Faliro to Varkiza area), and more specifically along the coastal zone. This can be confirmed by the number of contracts made in recent years in these areas, as well as in the strong interest shown by buyers from abroad.
The main prerequisite for the buyer is that they decide on which areas they would like to focus their interest. They also need to be definitive regarding the financial parameter within which they are comfortable to proceed. It is therefore important to contact a bank, in the case of a loan, in order to target a specific range of real estate opportunities. Choosing a lawyer, a notary and a professional broker are necessary steps that should be taken to provide proper guidance from the commencement of the purchasing process until its completion.
One of the most popular areas to buy a home in recent times is Glyfada, which is located in the Southern coastal suburbs of Athens. In general, all areas of the Southern Suburbs have attracted the interest of buyers, both from Greece and abroad, resulting in increased demand and sales. There is so much demand though, that the availability of real estate after some point has been limited. This chain of supply and demand has resulted in a sharp rise in property prices in the Southern Suburbs.
The sale of a property can be as easy as it is difficult. How each salesperson will manage the sale is of great importance. The first and most essential step is for the seller to feel confident about his decision to sell and the price. Equally important is choosing a professional broker to work with as their role will be crucial. The broker should properly assess and evaluate the property, establishing a commercial price in order for it to be commercially viable and arouse interest from prospective serious buyers. The broker will help to negotiate the final selling price of the property so that it brings the best possible outcome for both parties. During the sale process, the broker should prepare a complete file of the property to assist with the smooth completion of the contract.
This is a question that is purely subjective and depends entirely on the profile of the buyer and their personal needs. It will never be 100% the right time for a purchase. The important thing is to look at the pulse of the market and decide on a purchase when the price indices on the real estate market come up against new rental prices.
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