“Thanks to the dynamic attitude and professional approach of the Level Realty team, I found my dream home fast and efficiently”.

Maria K., Voula


We are a team of experts in real estate hunting, who will help you find and buy, rent or sell the property you want.

Since 2013, when we started our operations as a consultant real estate company, we have raised the bar in the real estate brokerage sector, combining the application of advanced rules of international practice with the high ethical standards that we consider to be vital to the redefinition of the level of services we offer our clients.

Our experience, in combination with our reputation for reliability, is fully reflected in the wide network of professional collaborators that we have developed around the country, based on strict quality specifications. These are the credentials on which we are expanding our activities in the real estate brokerage sector and which set our corporate identity and our very presence in this sector apart.

The quality specifications that characterise our profile allow us to maintain a significant advantage, giving us daily access to an extensive portfolio of properties, and by extension substantially expanding our client base, which now recognises us as one of the most modern and efficient real estate agencies.

Level Realty offers exclusive services that will lead you straight... to your dream home!


“Because, for us, every client is unique. Just as their wishes and requirements are unique”.

Though this may not always be the top professional motto, it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our aspirations and our commitment to the people who place their trust in us every day. That’s why we at Level Realty make a habit of getting to know the client’s requirements and overall specifications in detail, creating a strictly personal profile that can act as a master plan, perfectly customised to the client’s needs and specific desires.

Our many years of experience in a wide range of services related to the sale, purchase and leasing of properties and useable land, in combination with the reliability of our prioritised search data, comprise the qualitative elements of our professional profile, allowing us to continue to raise the level of our services including, of course, the exclusive support services we offer our clients.


On the road mostly, hunting down all best-kept secrets of the real estate world. When we’re not out real estate hunting, you can find us in our offices at 604 Vouliagmenis Ave. in Elliniko. We would love to meet with you, and hear you describe all the images you have in mind that go to make up your own personal interpretation of the adage “ideal home, ideal location, ideal life”.

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